+++Project sucessfully has been terminated in 2009; ask Coordinator Martin Haegele for more information. +++Download the white paper "The Use of Reuse for Designing and Manufacturing Robots" +++Please find here all RoSta deliverables +++Register at ICAR 2009 in Munich +++Participate in the upcoming Expert meeting on "Data logging and storage" in Munich, November 24-25, 2008; ask Azamat Shakhimardanov for more information +++Participate in the upcoming RoSta expert meeting "middleware, architecture and requirements" colocated  with IROS, Nice, Sep 24, 8am-12pm, room MAIA +++Participate in finding requirements for standardization activities and ask Anne Wendel for sending you a questionnaire +++Join Paolo Fiorinis working group, initiating a standardisation activity for robotic ontology +++Apply at SIG if you are working on Good Experimental Methodology and Benchmarking in Robotics +++RAS SCSA has become an official Sponsor of IEEE Standards +++ISO-News +++ASTMs Standardization News +++OSHA Standards +++OMG Advances Standards
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Robot Standards and Reference Architectures

The main international contact point for robot standards and reference architectures in service robotics, 
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